Hydro Meter Readers visit thousands of homes and businesses every month. You can help them stay safe by checking out these tips:
  1. Always leash or contain pets in areas away from your meter while it is being read.
  2. If your meter is located inside your home, bring your pet to another room.
  3. Meter Readers may carry an Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent. This safe and silent device will not harm dogs, but it will allow a Meter Reader to retreat from the property safely if required.
  4. Ensure trees or shrubs near your meter do not obstruct reading or cause a hazard.
  5. Maintain a clear path to your meter, free of ice, snow and any obstruction.
  6. If your meter's glass is cracked or broken, do not touch! Call Hydro at 1.888.737.1296 immediately to report the fault.
  7. If your meter's accessibility has changed due to new construction or landscaping, just email and let us know.
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