About Hydro Safety

This website aims to promote health and safety in the workplace, across all industries, not just for the electrical and hydropower industries. Our team is committed to raise awareness about employees’ rights and responsibilities such that they can fully enjoy health and safety in the workplace.

Every company is duty-bound to provide a safe environment for its employees. This is not only to avoid untoward incidents at work but to promote health and wellness within the entire workforce. Promoting health and safety in the workplace also means removing any risks, be it physical or psychosocial, that might be detrimental to the health and safety of any member of the organization.

Our core values

As advocates for safety and health in the workplace, we put a premium on the following:

Communication – a workplace should be an environment where there is open communication between employer and employees.

Safety – all parties concerned should have an inherent desire to uphold safety in the workplace, not only for themselves but for every member of their team and the community as well.

Accountability – all parties should be responsible and held accountable for their actions.

Teamwork – all parties concerned should collaborate to improve health and safety in the workplace.

The need for a risk-free workplace

All employees must enjoy a work environment where they feel safe. Providing a safe and healthy environment entails having a safe workflow, providing the necessary training and supervision, regularly monitoring the workers’ health and evaluating the work environment for any health and safety hazard.

To maintain a healthy and safe workplace, it is important for management to initiate consultations with employees. These consultations are implemented so employees can share their thoughts on what tasks pose health and safety risks and so that they can hep provide ideas so accidents and incidents can be avoided.

Physical risks to health and safety aren’t the only topics to be covered during consultations. Psychosocial hazards should be identified as well to avoid psychological injuries and for all parties concerned to help develop strategies to prevent and address risks to psychosocial health.