Life Coaching Notes on the Art of Possibility


The Art of Possibility” was written by Benjamin Zander, conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, and Rosamund Zander, who is a psychologist and painter. The two combined their unique professional and personal experiences to co-create a wonderful book outlining innovative paradigms to discover and embrace all the wonderful opportunities we have to create our most successful lives.


As a life coach I’d like to share just  a couple of their incredible insights for leading a more meaningful and fulfilling life: giving an “A” and making a contribution. 


Giving an A


On the first day of class at the New England Conservatory of Music, Zander announces to his class, “Everyone gets an A.”  There’s only one condition – students have to submit a letter, written on that first day but dated the following May, that begins: “Dear Mr. Zander, I got my A because…” In other words, students have to define what will justify an A grade at the beginning of the course.


Or in Zander’s own words, “An A is not an expectation to live up to, but a possibility to live into.”

Most people recognize that the main function of grades is to compare one student against another. While this may make grading easier, it doesn’t provide any real indication of a student’s performance or progress. What would happen, however, if we embraced Michelangelo’s famous assertion that inside every block of stone or marble dwells a beautiful statue – and we only need to remove the excess to discover the work of art within?


When this visionary concept is applied to the grading system, it quickly becomes apparent that it’s pointless to compare one student to another.  Instead, all the energy would be focused on chipping away at the stone, getting rid of whatever is in the way of a person’s developing skills, mastery and self-expression.


Giving an A at the outset levels the playing field so that we can move away from a place of measurement.  Suddenly, success is no longer a quantitative measurement – it’s a qualitative value.  This new level playing field allows people to communicate freely and easily, uninterrupted by the anxiety and fear of failure.  The grade is no longer an expectation, or obsession, to live up to.  Rather, it becomes a possibility to live into, which is a much more powerful approach.


Zander then states that giving an A “invites and recognizes a universal desire in people to contribute to others, no matter how many barriers there are to its expression.”


Making a contribution


Unlike success and failure, contribution has no other side.  Wake up each and every day with the question: “How will I be a contribution today?”  This will help you feel that every day you wake up, you’re making yourself a gift to others. You can visit Discover You Coaching to know more details about life coaching.


Declare yourself to be a contribution. Throw yourself into life as someone who makes a difference, accepting that you may not understand how or why.  Rewards in the contribution game are of a deep and rewarding kind. 


Definition of Outsourcing Reinvented

Outsourcing definitions abound, but most of these definitions carry the same essence. Similarly, consulting a dictionary for the definition of outsourcing would almost always yield a definition describing outsourcing as an act, of an established company, of availing the services of another firm to handle critical and non-critical business tasks. However, a more sophisticated definition of outsourcing would add another clause – that the outsourced company be an expert of the required services by the outsourcing company. Simply put, outsourcing is the corporate method of delegating processes, services, and transactions to a third party firm. In turn, these processes are done by the third party firm on behalf of the outsourcing client. Meaning, the third party firm represents the client in carrying out these business processes.


The definition of outsourcing and this is in partial consideration of the people involved in the outsourcing industry, can be stated as such: Outsourcing is a type of contracting whereby the outsourcing client provides the specifications and requirements of the business process to be outsourced. Although the outsourced firm complies with the requirements of its client, the management of the operations and its people is done independently by the outsourced firm. Hence, there is no ownership of the outsourced firm by the outsourcing company, nor is there a direct employer and employee relationship between the outsourcing company and the employees of the outsourced firm.


Given the definition of outsourcing, one is compelled or more appropriately, led to think how this innovative business solution started. Outsourcing goes way back thousands of years ago with the manufacture and trade of various goods. With the formation of small communities and the emergence of a trading society, people with specialized skills began to exchange their respective services for goods such as foods and tools. From woodworking and blacksmithing, people would barter their products or sell them for other products of equivalent value. This ancient form of outsourcing also evolved along with the advancement of society – evolving into the modern factories where the raw materials are sourced from a supplier to be manufactured by a different company. But, far from being a need to fill a lack, modern-day outsourcing is driven by other reasons: cost savings, highly skilled manpower, increased productivity, and opportunity to allocate time and effort to more important aspects of the business.


If at all the current definition of outsourcing and modern outsourcing practices are to be considered, there is one common thread among them – dynamism. From freelancers specializing in various skills like writing, customer service, and decorating, outsourcing also crossed over to other disciplines like finance. Accounting and computation of taxes are done by a freelance accountant, lawyers are hired to defend for a client, and there are advertising agencies to market products and services. However, the definition of outsourcing also evolved on a much larger scale. Companies solely dedicated to performing commonly outsourced business tasks have emerged, giving a new dimension to the outsourcing processes. The dynamism of its definition and its processes make outsourcing the way of life for modern businesses.


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How Should You Describe Work Experience In Your Resume

In this article we will look at the experience section of your resume and provide key strategies to make it effective. The job experience section of your actual resume should include typically the following, such as company address, contact details, names amongst supervisors and so after.

The most critical thing to keep in their mind is to concentrate on your accomplishments. There are going to be many people who got held similar positions and they each would have other job responsibilities. What may help you get noticed is information regarding how well you practiced your responsibilities, or perhaps in other words such as what were your main accomplishments. I indicate 2-3 bullet variables (or a piece of 3-5 lines) to describe task responsibilities and 4-5 bullet points delivering details of these achievements.

A good way to communicate your achievements is through Action-Benefit statements. Action-Benefit statements use your individual accomplishments and experience to demonstrate the actual positive impact you bring to the companies – show how great you fit all of the job requirements. An incredible Action-Benefit statement is comprised of Action: Distinctive action that you have taken when experienced with a situation, problem or investment that enabled most people to achieve a suitable positive result.

Bring up the positive benefit for the organization, for example maximize in revenue, any reduction in costs, streamlined processes or it may be systems, or advanced morale. Start these statements with verbs such as  Managed, Spearheaded, Directed, Implemented, Executed, etc. and call the attention from the hr services workers. If you still don’t have a well established hr management department, there are companies online that offer this kind of services, such as Solvo Global, making it easier for you to check the options and make your decision.